Guiding principles.

We take responsibility very seriously.

We show respect for our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.
We adhere to laws and standards.
We take account of social, financial and ecological responsibilities.
We engage in fair competition.

Employees shape our future.

The customer's wishes take first priority and are realised by motivated employees.
Our employees are characterised by commitment, the ability to work as a team, to act flexible and relating to the situation.
We provide an environment in which different religions, cultural and national differences are irrelevant.
Our employees work self responsible within our corporate structure, allowing them to put their skills to the best possible use and constantly build on their abilities.
We offer our employees secure jobs. Initial and continuing trainings are welcomed and will be supported.
We meet the relevant occupational safety standards. This is ensured by way of permanent controls and optimisation measures.
We create a climate that encourages innovation and allows our employees to contribute to the company's success.

Our customers are the key to securing our company's survival.

Customers are held in highest esteem.
When dealing with our customers, we are characterized by our reliability, flexibility as well as solution-oriented work approach.
We offer our customers top quality due to continuous controls.
We guarantee that we will adhere to promised delivery dates and that we will deliver in full.

Environmental protection and careful resource consumption as a contribution to our society.

Environmental protection aspects are taken into account whenever an important decision is made.
We are committed to the conscious, economical use of resources.
A large number of investments are directed at facilities in order to protect the environment.