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DWH, formerly known as Bremer Drahtseilerei, has been headquartered in Hemer since 1999. This manufacturer of high-quality steel wire ropes offers a comprehensive rope range under its own brand name TAURUS .

The product offering ranges from finely stranded aircraft control cables to  sling ropes and the very strongest crane ropes.

The TAURUS special wire ropes are available from a diameter of 6 mm upwards, and can be obtained with coating, rope loops or other packaging.

The proverbial high quality of the TAURUS products, coupled with short-term delivery guarantees and individual packaging belong to the guarantees the manufacturer naturally make to its customers.

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Taurus special wire ropes

  • Compressed
  • With plastic-coated steel cores
  • Non-rotating
  • For the forestry industry
  • Sling ropes for general lifting operations